Rug Sale

We shopped the souks and curated a beautiful collections of one-of-a-kind rugs to shop from this month.  We are offering 30% off the entire rug collection, so it’s time to get busy shopping!  Here is a sneak peek of a few of our favorites!


AZ2_200x360CM_$600 AZ4_140x280CM_$400 AZ8_120x250_$300 BeniM5_160x250CM BeniM4_180x280CM BeniM1_180x290CM MAR3_200x270CM MAR4_190x380

Offer ends 2/8/16 – Use code ‘SOUK30’ at checkout!

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I came across this bedroom a few months back on Pinterest and made it my screen saver the same day!  When it comes to designing a bedroom, I am all about keeping it as minimalist as possible.  Cluttered spaces stress me out and you need a tranquil room to retreat to at the end of the day.  This design is executed perfectly!


Loft Living with Maven


A friend of mine just moved into an industrial loft and I have been dying to get in there and stage some Maven pieces.  I  love the industrial look; exposed beams, brick walls, high ceilings = YUM! Last week I took a few hours off in the afternoon to play around with some of our products in their space. Pics below!

Photo Jan 26, 8 22 00 AM

I love that this space allows for the rug to be on a diagonal.  It opens up the room and lets you showcase the beautiful Beni!

Whenever you have a large sectional, you can add a throw or wedding blanket over the back. It helps add some texture and dimension to the space.

Photo Jan 26, 8 26 21 AM

Trying out a different Beni in the room, love this pattern with the neutral couch.


Every home needs at least one Moroccan Pouf in it!


I looooove adding global decor to a modern/industrial space.  It warms it up, adds some color, and still keep it looking chic.

Photo Jan 26, 8 24 37 AM

Featuring our ‘La Banana’ Moroccan Azilal Rug.



Maven’s HQ is located in Chicago, which means it is freezing 5-6 months out of the year.  Why we still choose to live her is quite questionable. We are planning on heading to Morocco in March for a large buying trip(!!!).  It’s always so refreshing to be ‘in the field’ and meet new faces and jump-start those creative juices!  I always feel so refreshed, inspired and focused after traveling. I was skimming though Pinterest and came across some beautiful Moroccan Patio scenes. These will definitely keep going as I trek through the snow and negative degrees for the next two months.

Riad - outdoor space 3

Kilim Blankets (pictured above) are fairly inexpensive and are perfect for creating your own seating space. jooSdQLKsGHl

While I would not suggest wedding blankets as seat covers (the sequins might not be that comfy) this is a perfect example of neutrals done right.  It’s so tranquil, I could spend hours here. Those arched doorways help too:)DjIAR7ogP7Hl

Who wouldn’t want to have a lovely afternoon lunch here! _cEvtrCGTtnl

Well If you’re getting me into a bath suite mid winter, it better be for this pool!

More Kilim and a fruit tree!Riad - outdoor space 1

If I lived in a dry climate I would be re-creating this on my patio. Place of dreams!!!

Happy Winter! Stay warm and inspired!

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One of our Moroccan bread baskets was featured on last week!  It was in a lovely article about on ’16 Beautiful Little Ways to Stay Organized This Year’. These colorful hand-woven baskets add the perfect pop of color to any room or space you are creating.  Check out a few of our favorites below!

Click on slide 2!



Vintage Moroccan Textiles turned into Floor Pillows

I had never seen (or really noticed)  floor pillows until I started Maven.  Once my in-country partner sent me that first  collection I FELL IN LOVE! Our rug guys take vintage rugs and cut them up to make these lovely floor cushions.  We are digging their latest collection, shop HERE!

Sometimes it’s hard to pick a bold pattern for a couch or chair in your living room and that’s where these beauties come into play!  They can add so much texture and color to a room.  I like to think of them as the chic version of a bean bag chair. Throw pillows, floor pillows, and poufs are such a great way to transform a room and keep transforming it year after year by simply swapping them out as our moods or seasons change:) Check out these beauties below!









DALLAS SHAW – Styling with Maven

We had the privilege of partnering up with Dallas Shaw on a collaboration.  Dallas is an incredibly talented illustrator who works with brands like Oscar de la Renta, Essie, and DKNY.  She did a photo shoot with a few of our wedding blankets as a backdrop and we LOVE how they turned out!







Thanks Dallas! xoxo


A sneak peek at our latest fall rugs! Happy Shoppin!

‘BLUE MY MIND’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $680.00 // Width: 5 ft Length: 10ft
‘BIG BENI’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,800.00 // Width: 6ft Length: 14.5 ft
‘BLACK AND TAN’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $610.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.75ft
‘NEON AZTEC’ AZILAL WOOL RUG $840.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.5
‘DESERT SKY’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $580.00 // Width: 3.7 ft Length: 7.5 ft
‘SAWYER’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $2,100.00 // Width: 5.2 ft Length: 9.2 ft
‘BLEU DE FRANCE’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $630.00 // Width: 5ft 4” Length: 9ft”
‘COSMOPOLITAN’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $440.00 // Width: 3.4ft Length: 6ft
‘CROSS ROADS’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,600.00 // Width: 6 ft Length: 13 ft

Fall Photo Shoot — some favorites

We recently shot all of our fall/winter blankets and had to share a few of our favorite photos! We came across a cement wall that worked perfect for the industrial theme we were going for with the shoot. All of the pom pom blankets you see below, are handwoven by our artisan partner in Morocco.  You can shop the below collection HERE!

Photo Aug 11, 7 05 39 PM
Featuring our ‘Dr. Grey’ Pom Pom Blanket, brown leather pouf, and colorful Azilal Runner!


Photo Aug 11, 8 09 00 AM
Featuring our ‘Souk Shopper’ Basket!
Photo Aug 11, 9 26 51 AM
Featuring our ‘Dalmatian’ Pom Pom throw!
Photo Aug 11, 12 39 14 PM
Our fabulous kilim pillows!!!
Photo Aug 12, 8 23 07 AM
Featuring our ‘Black and White’ Striped Pom Pom blanket!
Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 7.43.55 PM
Who doesn’t love a wedding blanket at the end of a bed!