HANDIRA BODY PILLOWS | handwoven in marrakech


We are so excited to share one of our newest products, Handira Body Pillows! They are absolutely beautiful and make the perfect addition to any bed!  Check them out HERE!

Each Handira (ie: wedding blanket) was hand-picked from the souks of Marrakech. We selected a vintage cream & pink kilim to use as the backing.  The kilim is complimentary to the texture and simplicity of the front of the pillow.  We partnered with a weaving workshop to sew these beautiful textiles together. These handcrafted pillows make a statement on any bed or couch they are placed on!





Photo Mar 05, 12 21 35 PM (1)

Photo Mar 05, 12 45 44 PM (1)

Photos by Hannah Eloge Creative

SALVAGE ONE SHOOT || styling with maven


A few weeks back, we did a photo shoot at a local event space, Salvage One. It is an old industrial loft (3 levels!) with vintage furniture scattered throughout.  Oh my goodness, we were in heaven!  Had to share a few of our favorite shots of our products staged within.



Featuring our Moroccan Kilim rug. Looks beautiful with a mid-century leather couch.


The details in the rug are simply stunning.


Wedding blankets can make the most beautiful rugs.


With simple furniture pieces like these, you can really spruce up a space with a colorful rug. It helps add warmth and texture to the space.


Kilim pillows… They are just perfection where ever you place them!


Try layering a chair (or couch) with a pom-pom blanket. These XL pom-poms help add a new dimension to a simple formed piece of furniture.


Loving everything that is happening in the picture. The vintage sign is incredible and so is the chair! Our kilim pillow just adds a nice color pop.


Truly, rag rugs can be used in any space. Obsessed with this look.


Boucherouite rag rugs layered on a bar. Gotta have some fun while staging.


If you are looking for a more luxury/classic rug for a space, try working with a Beni Ourain! They are full of texture but are neutral enough to fit into any space.


Floor pillows are the most fun to decorate with! You can add them just about anywhere and they add additional seating for gatherings and parties. (Or they are a perfect ‘grow up’ pillow that children love to lay on, while keeping your space classy)


This glass window was insane! Just loooove this shot.


Stackables || Floor Pillows


This bar was was beyond incredible, I had to stage our most luxurious rugs next to it. Aren’t they beautiful?!


You can’t go wrong with pom-pom blankets!!! They look phenomenal where ever you place them.

PHOTOS BY:   Theresa Yabut

EVENT SPACE:  Salvage One, Chicago IL

PRODUCTS:  Maven Collection

PARK COLLECTIVE — azilal rug

PARK COLLECTIVE  — azilal rug

On a recent shopping trip through the souks of Marrakesh, we found this incredible Azilal Rug! After posting a picture of it on Instagram, Designer Jolene Kraus knew she needed to have it! Check out how she styled her living room around this rug, it’s incredibly beautiful!

Rug in the souk

Azilal Rug in Marrakesh

styled in her room!

Check out this room!  I absolutely love how she placed our azilal rug on an over sized jute rug. The little pops of pale pink plays so nicely with the neon orange.


WEDDING BLANKET — as a wall hanging

WEDDING BLANKET  —  as a wall hanging

I recently moved into a new apt which is stressful but has been SO FUN TO DECORATE!  The very first thing I did was hang this beautiful wedding blanket that I have been saving for some time. I think it makes the perfect statement on the wall and had to share a quick photo!  You can shop our wedding blankets HERE!




BLOGSHOP CHICAGO — cozy corner

BLOGSHOP CHICAGO  — cozy corner

We were invited to be apart of a BLOGSHOP class, hosted by Bri Emery and Angela Kohler, last January! They were looking for a cozy corner and I think we nailed it with an abundance of colorful floor pillows and wedding blankets.  A few pics below:)



Featuring our cozy comfy floor pillows!


Wedding blankets and floor pillows make for the perfect napping corner.


If you are ever in Chicago and looking for an event space you must check out By the Barker. Such a lovely loft space on the west side.