I’m headed to Peru next week on a buying trip.  Last time I visited, I was able to shop the markets and found some amazing hand-woven rugs.  They are 100% wool and made on back-strap looms, simply gorgeous.  The vibrant stripes add the perfect amount of color to any room!  Can’t wait to see what new pieces I can find this time round!


I have seen this layering look a lot and LOVE IT!  (Apt: Design Love Fest  || designer: Emily Henderson ))

 I have seen this layering look a lot and LOVE IT! What a great way to add texture and color into a room.                                                  (Apt: Design Love Fest || designer: Emily Henderson )


Layering look again, LOVE IT! such a a great (and inexpensive) way to add an area rug to a room. Mix & Match!


White & Stripes!


Apparently, rugs in kitchens is becoming a thing… Not sure how I feel about that, but I think in this simple kitchen, it definitely adds something!


To be used as a bed covering! How gorgeous is this!


Then of course, you can always style these gorgeous wool rugs with a basic couch to make your living room look FAB!

Can’t wait to share what I find!



GUEST BLOGGER || Tips to Bring a Living Room to Life!

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you can relax, watch TV, and lie down after a long day. Living rooms are used all the time by various members of the family, so it is really important that you spend time making it as pleasant as possible. It is really easy to style your living room according to TLC in order to spruce it up a bit and in this article we are going to give you some great design ideas in order to help you create the perfect living room that you have been dreaming about.


Art does not have to be expensive, however many people are put off buying pieces of art because they don’t think that they can afford it. Whichever way you look at it, art looks brilliant on your walls – so why don’t you start looking for cheaper options if your budget is low? Art is whatever you want it to be – and this could be a painting that has been done by your child, or a blown up family photograph of you all that has been beautifully framed. If there is a painting that you really like but you can’t afford, then ask the artist whether or not it would be possible to buy a print of it instead. This will be significantly cheaper. Some people even use word art or quotations on their walls – get creative as there are many different options when it comes to more decorations.


Black and white prints are so affordable and truly pull this room together.


Mixing of photography and prints!


The Lighting

The type of lighting that you have in your living room can dramatically alter its feel. Having main lights on dimmer switches is a brilliant idea because it offers you the opportunity to turn the lights down in order to create a softer and calmer ambience. Up lighting is very effective because it doesn’t make you feel like you are in a spotlight – and it also looks very stylish. A standard lamp in a corner can look very elegant indeed, and a smaller lamp on a table can provide a cozy light in which to read a book in your favorite armchair.


Natural, overhead, and lamps!

Create Comfort

Your keyword for designing any living room should be ‘comfort’. What would make your living room more comfortable? Perhaps it is time that you updated your three-piece suite, or maybe it is about time that you had the carpet replaced? Sometimes, simply updating your curtains is enough to give your living room a fresh new feel. Add some finishing touches by getting some beautiful pot plants and putting them on display. Minimize the amount of clutter in your living room by making sure there is plenty of furniture with inbuilt storage such as a console table and a TV unit.


Statement rug and plants! All you need to warm up a space!

Breathing new life into your living room is easier than you think – and it needn’t cost too much money either. What could you do to inject a little style into your living room?

Leslie Kramer, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Alliance Fllor Source, one of the leading names in flooring industry. Leslie is a big time movie-buff and uses blogging a platform to share home improvement and green living tips.


BLACK BATHROOM || Ideas for a new space

I’m moving in June and of course ALL i can think of right now is how I should decorate my new space!  My new apt has a huge bathroom (with a claw foot tub) and I can’t wait to get in and start designing the space.  I’m thinking of painting the walls black, with white and cream accents of course:)  Thoughts?

Here are a few of my favorite design inspirations.


With a black base, it makes any color or neutral just pop!


Tile walls & tile floors. Kinds love this look.


Looove the cement accent wall. And the floor is beyond amazing.


Yellow chair pop!


Overloaded artwork!

xo, Laura Read More

Handmade in GUATEMALA || Guatemalan Collection

We are so excited to launch our GUATEMALAN COLLECTION! Spring is right around the corner (well, here’s hoping) and what better way to bring in the season change than with these vibrant textiles!

Last September we visited Antigua, Guatemala in search of new artisans to potentially work with. We ended up visiting a small town outside of Antigua called San Antonio. They are known for their amazing textiles and have a tiny little market where you can meet artisans, learn how back-strap looms work, and buy textiles.  I was drawn into this woman’s stand who had the most beautiful textiles I had seen. Her name was Mayra and she has the most vivacious smile!  We started chatting and before we knew it, we were collaborating on a collection of pouches and clutches. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  We were only with Mayra for a few hours and somehow managed to hash out some new designs AND figure out how the new product would make it back to Chicago since we were leaving Guatemala the following day.   Not knowing what they would actually look like, especially with the language barrier, we were beyond thrilled when these beauties arrived.

Hope you enjoy!



















The most talented weaver and mastermind behind this collection, MAYRA!



Styling with Azilal Rugs || Moroccan Souk Finds

We just started selling Azilal Rugs from the Moroccan Souks and I have become obsessed with these beauties! They are made by tribes of the Azilal province in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They range from diamond, symmetrical patterns to free form abstracts and are all one of a kind pieces! Most vintage pieces date from the 1960s-1980s.  They are made out of single tied wool with natural dye. I think they add the perfect touch to any room! Have a look below:)


Area rug in a living room!


A lovely seating area.I love how random the lines and color splashes are.


Adding color and texture to an all white kitchen.


Perfect for an at home office!


Well, this Azilal rug is just GORGEOUS to begin with. It would look fabulous anywhere but I like it on their cement flooring.



1st Annual WHITE Sale

Our first annual WHITE sale has already been so amazing!  All of our vintage Moroccan Wedding Blankets are on sale for $398!!! There are only a few left, so make sure and shop the sale before it is all picked over.  We can not wait to see how all our shoppers style their home with these incredible pieces!


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset





Our ‘SEQUINS & DIAMONDS’ Wedding Blanket — SHOP HERE

Valentine’s Day Love Nest || DIY

It’s hard to believe that February is just days away! That means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, time to start creating!

I love working with flowers & plants so I went to the florist for Valentines inspiration and once I saw (well, smelled) the Eucalyptus, ideas started flowing.   I will create a Eucalyptus love nest (or wreath)!!! Super simple to make!


- Bushel of Eucalyptus

- 2 bouquets of Daisies. I choose maroon, but any color would work!

- 1 bouquet of white Mums, or any accent color!

** For a official wreath, just buy some florist foam and mold the flowers around that!


The sad part of this is that you need to chop off the flowers. Sorry beautiful flowers!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

Our beautiful white Mums.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Start by forming a heart shape with the Eucalyptus. You will most likely need to trim down the Eucalyptus into smaller chunks so you can mold the curves.  You can make this any size you want!

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

You start filling in all the gaps with the Daisies. Pack it FULL, don’t be stingy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Final Product!!!  How cute would this be a Valentines Picnic?!

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you spend it with people you love!

Fashion Design Maven || Tara Jarmon

We have had a ridiculous amount of ‘snow days’ here in Chicago. That usually translates to me sitting under my sunlamp with coffee or wine (depending on the hour) and stalking all my favorite bloggers FOR HOURS!  I decided I needed a new winter coat, because, what else do you search for when it’s -17 out. It was about an hour in my hunt that I came across Tara Jarmon and now I am obsessed! Maybe y’all already know her, but  her line is incredibly chic and totally worth sharing.  Here are some of my favorites! And if anyone wants to donate $500 to my ‘new winter coat fund’, it will be going towards this beauty below. #agirlcanonlydream

Isn't this a BEAUTY?!

Isn’t this a BEAUTY?!

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 3.29.22 PM


Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 3.22.11 PM

Blue & Tangerine. WANT. IT. ALL.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 3.40.03 PM

I know this might look like a potato sack but for those hot summer days, this is all I ever want to wear!

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 3.38.12 PM

Office Chic.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 3.30.24 PM


Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 3.27.01 PM

So much mixing of texture. LOVE it!!!

How to hang a Wedding Blanket as a Headboard!

We have been asked numerous times, ‘How do I hang a wedding blanket on the wall?’.  I had an idea but the biggest obstacle, for me, was how do I attach fabric or anything really to the back of the blanket without ruining such a beautiful piece of art.  Now I can’t sew on a button to save my life, so I knew I was going to need to find someone who could help me out!  I stopped in my local dry cleaner (who also does alterations) and she told me ‘anything is possible, dear’, so obviously I trusted her with this little project.  I told her I planned to hang this blanket on the wall with a rod. She said she would sew on a piece of scrap fabric on the back that the rod could slide into and that she would use invisible thread to attached it so you could not see anything in the front. It turned out perfectly!

As far as the rod goes, you can go to Target and get the most basic curtain rod, that will do the trick.  I had my friend Erik help me hang the rod, I’m not so good with the power drill. Thanks for your help Erik, turned out beautifully!

Materials: Wedding blanket, curtain rod kit, & a power drill

Materials Needed: Wedding blanket, curtain rod kit, & a power drill


Take your wedding blanket to a seamstress or a dry cleaners that does in-house alterations. Ask them to sew on a 2.5” piece of fabric to the back using their invisible thread, you don’t want to see the stitching on the front. This should cost around $40 to have done.


Nailing in the stud.

nail in

Once side done!


Before nailing in the other side, make sure it is level! No one wants  an uneven headboard:)


Done!!!  It make the perfect statement. You can use wedding blankets for headboard, wall hangings, backdrops, etc. 




The above wedding blanket is for sale and already has the fabric sewn into it.  SHOP HERE!



Be A Gifting Maven | 4 Easy, Yet Awesome Gift Wrap Ideas

Everybody loves the holiday season, but there’s one thing that most DON’T love… Wrapping gifts!!! Instead of getting frustrated, get creative!

Here are a few ways to spruce up your wrapping:


(Photo Credit: Heather Davis)

1) The “Traditional” Wrap: Sometimes, wrapping paper is just easier. It may not look perfect (come on, it’s hard to get the sides all even!), but there are ways to make it cute and draw attention away from the flaws! Add some funky-patterned ribbon, a bow, and cute stickers to the gift for nothing but compliments!


(Photo Credit: Darling Magazine)

2) The “Organic” Wrap: Simply wrap some natural-colored twine around the box, holding a pretty leaf, flower, or feather! Eucalyptus is one of my favorites to use. If you want it to look more “holiday,” use colored twine, paint the plant you’re using, or add some flair, like small bells or a fun ornament!

DIY Gift Wrapping with Newspaper and Berries, Remodelista

(Photo Credit: Remodelista)

3) The “Simple” Wrap: One of my favorite ways to wrap is by skipping the store and using items I already have! Wrap the gift in newspaper, magazine pages, or cardstock paper, and seal with whatever tape you have! Then add some fun with stickers, flowers, photos, and/or homemade gift tags.


(Photo Credit: BuzzFeed)

4) The “Fabric” Wrap: Whether you use an old tee, shop thrift shop blouses, or splurge on a few yards of your favorite fabric, your family and best girlfriends will love the uniqueness (and cuteness!) of this gift wrap! Tie the ends into a small bow or knot on the top of the gift, and finish with some festive ribbon.

Show us how you wrap your gifts! Tweet us @STYLEwithMAVEN



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