DIY | Upcycling your Trader Joes Bag!

I have a drawer dedicated solely to all my  brown Trader Joes bags.  I have been trying to figure out the best way to reuse them. While shopping for wrapping paper this year, my cart quickly started to add up ($+).  That is when I made it my mission to 1)save a little money and 2) put those trader Joes Bags to good use!

You will see just how easy it is to recycle those items that you tend to have an abundance of!


Materials needed.
Materials needed.
Add an accent color for a little pop!
Add an accent color for a little pop! When wrapping, make sure to turn the paper inside out:)
Finished product!
Finished product! Wrap twine/yarn/ribbon around the gift to add that holiday flare!
Detail. I just used a little sprig of an old dried arrangement. I think I adds the perfect organic touch that I think goes well with the twine and brown bag!

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