DIY Dinner Party | Part 2

We had been planning to host a holiday dinner party for some time. The most appealing part of this so called ‘project’ was decorating the table! We wanted to stick with an organic, yet elegant ambiance. Taking a few ideas from our cocktail party last week, I think we added the perfect amount of holiday decor to complete this table setting.  Here is what we did:

Pre-Setup.  It helps to display everything that needs to be used beforehand. That way you can visualize the locations for each object. Here is what we used: 1) mason jars 2) old candlesticks 3) rosemary sprigs 4) a mismatch collection of  plates 5) twine 6) berry branches 7) wine corks 8) birch (tree) pedestals
Crafting the ‘little details’.
Probably our favorite part. We trimmed a few branches from an outside tree and clustered the branches together to create this branch & berry chandelier. We held it together with twine and a dab of hot glue.
Rosemary sprigs. Take a sprig or two and tie some twine around the base to accent the plate.  Plus the rosemary smells amazing!
Looks so great!!!
We found these old decanters at a thrift store. I think they add the perfect classy touch!
Birch. Candles. Ball Jars.
Berries. Up close and personal:)
Cork & Pine. We took a few wine corks and stuck pine tree branches on the top (thanks Pinterest:). We placed these at each place setting.
Final setting!
I think it’s ready for the guests!

A special thanks to Ryan Moore Photography for shooting these images for us!

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