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wood. wood. more wood.... GORG handmade sofa w/wood that has been cut down... An old antique door for decor & as a divider... And a basket holding firewood.... Beautiful
colorful pillows work well with the rustic wood
Blanket Sweater.
blanket sweater
vintage rug
Tiles | Paola Navone
Moroccan tiles = unique rug
A GORGEOUS Moroccan inspired living space with Boho undertones seen in the fireplace and exposed beams. A beautiful mixture that exudes luxury, style and comfort!  | Caption by Jenn Brown
Moroccan inspired living space
Gorgeous space with rustic elements  Perfect solution for small spaces....a small living room on the main level & a library/reading nook above.
picnic. outdoor haven.
artisan floor pillows = outdoor haven
I love this outdoor table setting with french chairs, rustic table, and grain sack kinda picnic.
outdoor table setting with a grain sack table runner
Shopper tote goes to Trader Joes #fairtrade #ethicalfashion in stock and only $14
ethical fashion goes to the grocery store
layered scarves
layered scarves

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