Capturing Moments | Local photographer in New Orleans

Over the past few years, I  have frequented New Orleans quite a few times.  It has become one of my favorite U.S. cities, probably because it reminds me of being in France.  As you walk down the cobblestone streets, listening to the most soulful Jazz you have ever heard, you pass dozens of antique stores and galleries filled to the brim with rare finds.  I usually spend my days eating and  strolling through the streets. I make sure to stop by my favorite gallery, Photo Works, which is conveniently located just a few store fronts away from Cafe Du Monde! The first time I walked into Photo Works I was absolutely captivated by a display of 5 black and white photos featuring Marjorie and Joe.  As I read the artists notes beside them, I found out that Joe was 98  and frequently attended The Napolean House for lunch.  The photographer, Louis Sahuc, was having lunch next to Joe when he witnessed AND captured this unexpected rendezvous between Joe and his friend Marjorie, who he has known since the 1930′s!  Their wrinkled faces and toothless grins make this photographed reunion that much more beautiful.  I am dying to know their story but I guess there are some things that will forever remain a secret to the audience.





Isn’t this series just the most precious thing you have seen?!

Thanks for capturing such a beautiful moment! I can’t wait to have these framed in my house someday!

– Laura

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