Half Acre Tap Room | Local Chicago Brewery

I have recently been obsessed with a local Chicago brewery, Half Acre.  Not only are they located in the heart of Lincoln Square, but they recently opened up a tap room attached to their brewery.  With yesterday being a snow day, a few of my friends and I decided to spend the afternoon drinking and eating at Half Acre! They are featuring their darker ales, stouts, and porters at the moment which are perfect for those snowy afternoons!  The atmosphere is so relaxing.  Some bring their laptops to get a little work done (free wifi!) and others sit around with friends sharing a flight or two! One of the best parts of this tap room is that you can BYOF it! (Bring Your Own Food)  We stopped at one of your favorite Mediterranean restaurants to get hummus and falafel to accompany our stouts:)

So next time you are in Lincoln Square, I highly recommend stopping by Half Acre Tap Room for drinks! You will not be disappointed:)

Tap Room!
Big Hugs. A coffee stout that I highly recommend!
Big Hugs. A coffee stout that I highly recommend!
Tap Room.
Tap Room.
Cozy benches and awesome light fixtures.
Cozy benches with awesome light fixtures.
Golden Ale.
Golden Ale.
My lovely company!
My lovely company!





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