Styling with Moroccan Wedding Blankets!

Ever since I visited Morocco a few years ago, I have fallen deeply in love with wedding blankets and I have been seeing them everywhere!  At first glance,  you might be a bit overwhelmed by all the shag and sequins, I know it can be a lot, but they are truly a work of art!  Styled correctly they make for the perfect statement piece in a room!

Here are some styling ideas for how to use our Maven Moroccan Wedding Blankets in your home:

Use as a rug in a formal dinning room! Such a fabulous feminine touch!
The perfect accent in a neutral room.
That is what we call a statement on a bed!
Use as a headboard! (a personal favorite)
This adds so much to a more basic room. Textures and patterns always do the trick:)
Use as a wall piece! This is a work of art!!!
Okay, if you are lucky enough to have a tub like this if needs to be accompanied by a wedding blanket! Or if you have space in master bath, look how glamorous this looks!
Spice up that all white bedding!


Hope you are inspired!


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