A VERY MAVEN HOLIDAY || Holidays Around The World

With Hanukkah only a week away and Christmas just around the corner, we decided we wanted to share some traditions from a few of our artisan countries! Of course, this is just a snippet of each country’s traditions, but it’s so interesting to learn how similar and different they all are from our own!

A very Catholic country in Central America, the Christmas celebration begins nine days before the holiday, with fireworks, drums, and carols. These serve as an accompaniment for the deliverance of Mary and Joseph to their nacimiento (manger, respectively) at House #1. Each night, a new house receives the figures and hosts a joyous party, until baby Jesus joins the Holy Family at the last house on Christmas Eve. On that final night, the largest party is held! This is followed by Midnight Mass and a full dinner for all. Children then open up their presents they find under their tree on Christmas morning! Adults do not exchange until New Year’s Day. (Source)


A primarily Muslim country, Christmas is not nationally recognized holidays, however there are Christians in the area who participate in the celebration. Those who do celebrate refer to Santa Claus as “Père Noël” (Father Christmas, respectively), and Christmas decorations and trees are fairly easy to find. (Source). Hanukkah is also celebrated, as there are Jewish roots in Morocco. While the meaning of the holiday is the same, the details are a bit different, with mint tea, beignets, and couscous on the menu! (Source)


Christmas Day, known as Noël, is widely celebrated in France. Each province celebrates a little differently, including additional dates of observance, like la fête de Saint Nicolas (children get gifts in their shoes!), la fête des Rois (what we know as Epiphany), and la fête de lumières (lighting candles to pay respect to Virgin Mary). Traditional desserts include a Yule log cake, a Christmas loaf which is given to a poor person, and a Kings’ Cake. (Source)


We would love to hear about your holiday traditions!!
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