BLACK BATHROOM || Ideas for a new space

I’m moving in June and of course ALL i can think of right now is how I should decorate my new space!  My new apt has a huge bathroom (with a claw foot tub) and I can’t wait to get in and start designing the space.  I’m thinking of painting the walls black, with white and cream accents of course:)  Thoughts?

Here are a few of my favorite design inspirations.

With a black base, it makes any color or neutral just pop!
Tile walls & tile floors. Kinds love this look.
Looove the cement accent wall. And the floor is beyond amazing.
Yellow chair pop!
Overloaded artwork!

xo, Laura

One thought on “BLACK BATHROOM || Ideas for a new space

  1. aprettythought

    Great concept! I recently moved and my color scheme in my house is chestnut brown, black and cream. I love the simplicity of the colors and its very neutral( i live with my boyfriend)..but after a while you get tired of it. I would like to add some color to my apartment and i feel like a kinda limited myself by choosing the color scheme that i chose. anything can go with black or white but make sure not to overdue it in case one day you decide to change your mind and add some color!


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