FLOOR PILLOWS – latest collection

We have been getting a bunch of new inventory in over the past few weeks, including these lovely floor pillows! They are so versatile, and are perfect for additional seating and pop of color in a room.  They also work as a great floor seating option for kids, especially if you don’t want to comprise style!

Shop our latest collection HERE!


2fb57f29-0ef4-4d54-93a6-0054552efbb3 6cb4afe0-a457-4d14-83a4-1d81fc593f71 371da2fe-c65d-403e-967d-31ddeeee5f3e 7420f0d3-b1c5-49b2-aa43-e6a1dfbc4a1d c67dc2b5-4fcb-41a5-aa8d-06b149b7714e c28085f6-a664-4276-aabe-6abeae8ae24d d19368ff-277d-486d-baa3-a026663ec09f ecb2b90c-4ecf-4a03-8e40-fd3b84350757

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