Vintage Moroccan Textiles turned into Floor Pillows

I had never seen (or really noticed)  floor pillows until I started Maven.  Once my in-country partner sent me that first  collection I FELL IN LOVE! Our rug guys take vintage rugs and cut them up to make these lovely floor cushions.  We are digging their latest collection, shop HERE!

Sometimes it’s hard to pick a bold pattern for a couch or chair in your living room and that’s where these beauties come into play!  They can add so much texture and color to a room.  I like to think of them as the chic version of a bean bag chair. Throw pillows, floor pillows, and poufs are such a great way to transform a room and keep transforming it year after year by simply swapping them out as our moods or seasons change:) Check out these beauties below!









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