Maven’s HQ is located in Chicago, which means it is freezing 5-6 months out of the year.  Why we still choose to live her is quite questionable. We are planning on heading to Morocco in March for a large buying trip(!!!).  It’s always so refreshing to be ‘in the field’ and meet new faces and jump-start those creative juices!  I always feel so refreshed, inspired and focused after traveling. I was skimming though Pinterest and came across some beautiful Moroccan Patio scenes. These will definitely keep going as I trek through the snow and negative degrees for the next two months.

Riad - outdoor space 3

Kilim Blankets (pictured above) are fairly inexpensive and are perfect for creating your own seating space. jooSdQLKsGHl

While I would not suggest wedding blankets as seat covers (the sequins might not be that comfy) this is a perfect example of neutrals done right.  It’s so tranquil, I could spend hours here. Those arched doorways help too:)DjIAR7ogP7Hl

Who wouldn’t want to have a lovely afternoon lunch here! _cEvtrCGTtnl

Well If you’re getting me into a bath suite mid winter, it better be for this pool!

More Kilim and a fruit tree!Riad - outdoor space 1

If I lived in a dry climate I would be re-creating this on my patio. Place of dreams!!!

Happy Winter! Stay warm and inspired!

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