Beni Ourains // Moroccan Area Rugs

Beni Ourains have been all the rage lately.  It might be that I can spot them from a mile away now that I sell them, however, they have become a staple when designing an interior space. Beni Ourains are hand-loomed in the High Atlas Mountains featuring harlequin pattern. They are woven with 100% organic wool with black contrasting designs. Some have a more intricate design while others are made predominately neutral with very little accents.  That’s what makes them the perfect area rug for almost any design!

Here are five different rooms each featuring a beautiful Beni as the area rug!
I’m beyond obsessed with the textured black walls in this bedroom and herringbone wood flooring. The room is classically elegant and the Beni Ourain they choose adds just the right amount of ‘global’ without changing the pristine of the design.
This living room has more of a worldly vibe and they have kept it clean and minimalist. That is why the criss cross of this Beni works so well by adding another layer of texture to this neutral design.
I think we can all agree that this space is beyond gorgeous and made of pure elegance! The Beni they choose has thick horizontal lines that help elongate the space. LOVE IT!
I know we have all seen this beautiful Kardasian bathroom, but I just had to include it. It’s such a luxurious and classic design and I love how the designer added two global touches: the brass light fixture and Beni Ourain area rug.
Well done Jonathan Adler, this table and chair set is perfection! I am responding sooo well to gold layered on top of this black and cream rug!


You can shop Beni Ourain options HERE!
Living Room (Image 1)
Alison Cayne (Image 2 & 3)
Kardasian Bathroom (Image 4)
Jonathan Adler (Image 5)


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