DALLAS SHAW – Styling with Maven

We had the privilege of partnering up with Dallas Shaw on a collaboration.  Dallas is an incredibly talented illustrator who works with brands like Oscar de la Renta, Essie, and DKNY.  She did a photo shoot with a few of our wedding blankets as a backdrop and we LOVE how they turned out!







Thanks Dallas! xoxo


A sneak peek at our latest fall rugs! Happy Shoppin!

‘BLUE MY MIND’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $680.00 // Width: 5 ft Length: 10ft
‘BIG BENI’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,800.00 // Width: 6ft Length: 14.5 ft
‘BLACK AND TAN’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $610.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.75ft
‘NEON AZTEC’ AZILAL WOOL RUG $840.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.5
‘DESERT SKY’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $580.00 // Width: 3.7 ft Length: 7.5 ft
‘SAWYER’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $2,100.00 // Width: 5.2 ft Length: 9.2 ft
‘BLEU DE FRANCE’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $630.00 // Width: 5ft 4” Length: 9ft”
‘COSMOPOLITAN’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $440.00 // Width: 3.4ft Length: 6ft
‘CROSS ROADS’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,600.00 // Width: 6 ft Length: 13 ft

Fall Photo Shoot — some favorites

We recently shot all of our fall/winter blankets and had to share a few of our favorite photos! We came across a cement wall that worked perfect for the industrial theme we were going for with the shoot. All of the pom pom blankets you see below, are handwoven by our artisan partner in Morocco.  You can shop the below collection HERE!

Photo Aug 11, 7 05 39 PM
Featuring our ‘Dr. Grey’ Pom Pom Blanket, brown leather pouf, and colorful Azilal Runner!


Photo Aug 11, 8 09 00 AM
Featuring our ‘Souk Shopper’ Basket!
Photo Aug 11, 9 26 51 AM
Featuring our ‘Dalmatian’ Pom Pom throw!
Photo Aug 11, 12 39 14 PM
Our fabulous kilim pillows!!!
Photo Aug 12, 8 23 07 AM
Featuring our ‘Black and White’ Striped Pom Pom blanket!
Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 7.43.55 PM
Who doesn’t love a wedding blanket at the end of a bed!


You’ve seen reproductions of Beni Ourains’ in current decor stores and in design magazines – but there is nothing like the real deal. Hand woven in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco by the Beni Ourain tribe, with pile of off-white and black natural wool. They are typically woven with simple harlequin patterns and tribal graphics.  They style will in both Contemporary, Modern or Mid-Century style spaces.  We are true believers they are a staple piece for every home!

We just got a new collection of Beni Ourains in and thought we would share how to style with these one-of-a-kind beauties!

211c430604e78ab63d1ef3c1e09457bdecb53dab-6f60-4584-87a7-3cddcb6bff4a‘CROSS ROADS’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG – 6ft by 13ft

  c961c3284dd2b4ab7f16fd6acacb044d-16426f486-841d-4e58-b183-320b88132f8d‘BIG BENI’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG – 6ft by 14.5ft

3de9d315dc587646f76346f59acf07aac1db8862-a87b-4bff-9be4-6f368e7821ba‘SAWYER’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG — 5.2ft by 9.2ft


BOUCHEROUITES | as wall hangings

Boucherouites are some of the most abstract and vibrant rug style to source, which makes them that much more fun!  They are made out of recycled fabrics–clothing, bed sheets, blankets, whatever was available. They range from diamond, symmetrical patterns to free form abstracts and are all one-of-a-kind pieces (making them that much more special!).  Most vintage pieces date from the 1960s-1980s.

We are always looking for new ways to decorate a home or space with global decor, especially our rugs, and we came across a must for anyone who has a blank wall.  Put a Boucherouite on it!  We can’t wait to try this out!











all images found on Pinterest –  HERE!

FLOOR PILLOWS – latest collection

We have been getting a bunch of new inventory in over the past few weeks, including these lovely floor pillows! They are so versatile, and are perfect for additional seating and pop of color in a room.  They also work as a great floor seating option for kids, especially if you don’t want to comprise style!

Shop our latest collection HERE!


2fb57f29-0ef4-4d54-93a6-0054552efbb3 6cb4afe0-a457-4d14-83a4-1d81fc593f71 371da2fe-c65d-403e-967d-31ddeeee5f3e 7420f0d3-b1c5-49b2-aa43-e6a1dfbc4a1d c67dc2b5-4fcb-41a5-aa8d-06b149b7714e c28085f6-a664-4276-aabe-6abeae8ae24d d19368ff-277d-486d-baa3-a026663ec09f ecb2b90c-4ecf-4a03-8e40-fd3b84350757

HANDIRA BODY PILLOWS | handwoven in marrakech

We are so excited to share one of our newest products, Handira Body Pillows! They are absolutely beautiful and make the perfect addition to any bed!  Check them out HERE!

Each Handira (ie: wedding blanket) was hand-picked from the souks of Marrakech. We selected a vintage cream & pink kilim to use as the backing.  The kilim is complimentary to the texture and simplicity of the front of the pillow.  We partnered with a weaving workshop to sew these beautiful textiles together. These handcrafted pillows make a statement on any bed or couch they are placed on!





Photo Mar 05, 12 21 35 PM (1)

Photo Mar 05, 12 45 44 PM (1)

Photos by Hannah Eloge Creative

SALVAGE ONE SHOOT || styling with maven

A few weeks back, we did a photo shoot at a local event space, Salvage One. It is an old industrial loft (3 levels!) with vintage furniture scattered throughout.  Oh my goodness, we were in heaven!  Had to share a few of our favorite shots of our products staged within.


Featuring our Moroccan Kilim rug. Looks beautiful with a mid-century leather couch.
The details in the rug are simply stunning.
Wedding blankets can make the most beautiful rugs.
With simple furniture pieces like these, you can really spruce up a space with a colorful rug. It helps add warmth and texture to the space.
Kilim pillows… They are just perfection where ever you place them!
Try layering a chair (or couch) with a pom-pom blanket. These XL pom-poms help add a new dimension to a simple formed piece of furniture.
Loving everything that is happening in the picture. The vintage sign is incredible and so is the chair! Our kilim pillow just adds a nice color pop.
Truly, rag rugs can be used in any space. Obsessed with this look.
Boucherouite rag rugs layered on a bar. Gotta have some fun while staging.
If you are looking for a more luxury/classic rug for a space, try working with a Beni Ourain! They are full of texture but are neutral enough to fit into any space.
Floor pillows are the most fun to decorate with! You can add them just about anywhere and they add additional seating for gatherings and parties. (Or they are a perfect ‘grow up’ pillow that children love to lay on, while keeping your space classy)
This glass window was insane! Just loooove this shot.
Stackables || Floor Pillows
This bar was was beyond incredible, I had to stage our most luxurious rugs next to it. Aren’t they beautiful?!
You can’t go wrong with pom-pom blankets!!! They look phenomenal where ever you place them.

PHOTOS BY:   Theresa Yabut

EVENT SPACE:  Salvage One, Chicago IL

PRODUCTS:  Maven Collection

ANKLE TIE FLATS — a fall necessity

Introducing our ankle tie flats, handmade by our partnering coop in Marrakesh!

They come with both black and brown ties, so your can wear them with everything!


photo(95) photo(94)

Shop our flats HERE!

PARK COLLECTIVE — azilal rug

On a recent shopping trip through the souks of Marrakesh, we found this incredible Azilal Rug! After posting a picture of it on Instagram, Designer Jolene Kraus knew she needed to have it! Check out how she styled her living room around this rug, it’s incredibly beautiful!

Rug in the souk
Azilal Rug in Marrakesh
styled in her room!
Check out this room!  I absolutely love how she placed our azilal rug on an over sized jute rug. The little pops of pale pink plays so nicely with the neon orange.