ANKLE TIE FLATS — a fall necessity

Introducing our ankle tie flats, handmade by our partnering coop in Marrakesh!

They come with both black and brown ties, so your can wear them with everything!


photo(95) photo(94)

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Nisolo Shoes | Handmade in Peru



Empowering artisans/crafters around the globe to provide opportunities. I love coming across social enterprises that align with that statement.  I stumbled upon Nisolo on Pinterest when I found a pair of amazing strappy leather sandals and needed to know who made them! Upon reading Nisolo’s story, I knew they would be a permanent bookmark and a go-to for new shoes.

The founders of Nisolo came across a shoemaker in Trujillo, Peru while they were working with a microfinance organization nearby.  The shoes were beautifully handcrafted and genuine leather.  The team had spent quite some time in Peru and understood that the lack of access to a larger market would prevent this shoemaker, and thousands alike, to sustainably provide for his family. That is when NISOLO was born! The team has dedicated themselves to work with shoemakers in Peru to create a line that not only appeals to the Western Market but provides sustainable employment to the artisans and crafters behind this incredible collection!


These are my very favorite!
These are my very favorite!
Awesome Color!
Awesome Color!
If I wasn't 5'11 I would be all about these!
If I wasn’t 5’11, I would be all about these!
Men's Suade. These are gorgeous!
Men’s Suede. These are gorgeous!
Everyday Loafer!
Everyday Loafer!
Every man should own these.
Every man should own these.


Bluma Project – Jewelry from Rwanda and Ghana

I am constantly looking for new artisan made products and pieces crafted from around the world.  I came across Bluma Project at Anthropologie about a year ago and their product line fits right in. They work with female artisans in Rwanda and Ghana to create jewelry and textile collections.  After their products are complete they sell them to retailers in the Western Markets. By collaborating with these artisans they hope to provide employment opportunities where there is very little. Make sure to check out their SITE. I attached a few of my favorite pieces:)

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!







A Necklace with a Statement

This time of year always gets hectic with trying to make sure that you have the perfect gift for your loved ones. The past two years, we have been trying to support businesses with a social mission during the holiday season.  Having been working with artisans around the globe for the past year and a half, we love supporting talented crafters in any way possible. So why not give a hand-crafted gift that is providing a job for a woman who needs to feed her family? Did you know that women make up of 70% of the world’s poorest people, and 2/3 of them are illiterate.  Mothers, daughters and sisters lack  jobs, education, food, and shelter for their families.

This holiday season we want to commit to supporting female artisans who need it most!   Check out these social enterprises who are dedicated to supporting underprivileged entrepreneurs and artisans around the globe by providing them with an education, training, and the resources needed to create a sustainable lifestyle.

P.S. These AMAZING necklaces would make the perfect stocking stuffer:)

Statement necklaces

1)  31 Bits       2) Story Co.      3) Raven & Lily       4) Bajalia        5) Indego Africa


One of our favorite things to do it travel.  Our ideal trip would include getting lost in markets trying to find that one unique or one of a kind piece. We love meeting with the makers of our finds and finding out the story behind each piece.  Here are a few pictures from a Moroccan adventure we made earlier this year.

We spent the afternoon with these shop owners. They welcomes us in with mint tea and afternoon chats. It is a father/son shoemaking coop. The image below are a pair of the BEAUTIFUL handmade flats I purchased:)  Yusaf (Son) and El Haj (Father)
We spent the afternoon with these shop owners. They welcomes us in with mint tea and afternoon chats. It is a father/son shoemaking coop. The image below are a pair of the BEAUTIFUL handmade flats I purchased:)
Yusaf (Son) and El Haj (Father)
My new Moroccan flats! Can’t wait to wear them this spring!
Walking through the Souk
I just love the colors in this tile work
I would have come home with over 100 rugs if I was able to get them all through customs:)
Berber Wool Pillows. Some of my favorite finds:)
The center or Marrakech turned into a food market around 5pm every night.
Amazing door!
Purses purchased!
Tile worker in action!

Maven Collection Blog is FINALLY Launching!

This blog will be a culmination of our journey launching our own handmade collection, finding pieces and work that inspires us, artists from around the globe, our travels, indigenous craft, organizations to get involved with, interesting people/stories, fashion trends, design, sustainable living, and our lives here in Chicago!

Join us on our journey to create a socially conscious lifestyle through the products we purchase, artisans we support and  collection we create!