Rug Sale

We shopped the souks and curated a beautiful collections of one-of-a-kind rugs to shop from this month.  We are offering 30% off the entire rug collection, so it’s time to get busy shopping!  Here is a sneak peek of a few of our favorites!


AZ2_200x360CM_$600 AZ4_140x280CM_$400 AZ8_120x250_$300 BeniM5_160x250CM BeniM4_180x280CM BeniM1_180x290CM MAR3_200x270CM MAR4_190x380

Offer ends 2/8/16 – Use code ‘SOUK30’ at checkout!

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A sneak peek at our latest fall rugs! Happy Shoppin!

‘BLUE MY MIND’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $680.00 // Width: 5 ft Length: 10ft
‘BIG BENI’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,800.00 // Width: 6ft Length: 14.5 ft
‘BLACK AND TAN’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $610.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.75ft
‘NEON AZTEC’ AZILAL WOOL RUG $840.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.5
‘DESERT SKY’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $580.00 // Width: 3.7 ft Length: 7.5 ft
‘SAWYER’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $2,100.00 // Width: 5.2 ft Length: 9.2 ft
‘BLEU DE FRANCE’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $630.00 // Width: 5ft 4” Length: 9ft”
‘COSMOPOLITAN’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $440.00 // Width: 3.4ft Length: 6ft
‘CROSS ROADS’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,600.00 // Width: 6 ft Length: 13 ft

ANKLE TIE FLATS — a fall necessity

Introducing our ankle tie flats, handmade by our partnering coop in Marrakesh!

They come with both black and brown ties, so your can wear them with everything!


photo(95) photo(94)

Shop our flats HERE!

STREET STYLE || Fall Maven Looks

Transitioning into our Fall wardrobe is filled with mixed emotions. You are pulling out your scarves and tights for the first time in months, and it feels sooo good to see them again!  However, you are also saying goodbye to all you sundresses. Maven is based in Chicago, so we are just starting to get the colder weather.  The streets are suddenly consumed with the latest Fall trends; sweaters, boots, fall color trends, and long sleeves!  We wanted to put together a few basic looks that are so easy to duplicate. All accessorized with Maven of course!


This first look I just love!  All you need is a basic shift dress, add a blazer and a pair of tights and your set! She looks so chic! We added a little color pop with our Kilim Boots and pulled it all together with a neutral colored foldover clutch!

This is the perfect outfit for drinks out downtown with friends. Or even to work!
STREET STYLE  ||  This is the perfect outfit for drinks out downtown with friends… Or even to work!


This look is a little edgier, which we love! Who says you can’t extend the length of shorts weather? Just add a pair of opaque tights! We stuck with black and cream with this look and just added color in her glasses and boots. I think she rocks it!

annie in black shorts with tote
STREET STYLE || Perfect outfit to wear on a Saturday shopping with friends, working at a coffee shop, or even to a brunch date!
annie in black scarf

Hope you found a little Fall styling inspiration!


Take Your ‘Moz Market’ Bag to the Farmer’s Market!

From Maputo, Mozambique, our ‘Moz Market’ Carry All Bags are one of our coolest market finds yet!

These woven straw bags are available in a variety of great fall colors (orange, purple, and double purple), and are very large, at approximately 22″ x 18″ (Because of the nature of handmade products, each bag may vary by an 1” or size in size).

The orange ‘Moz Market’ Carry All Bag is such a gorgeous color!


Basket weaving is one of the oldest and widest-spread crafts known to man, with examples of this dating back as far as 20,000 years. Most popular among Native American tribes, Egypt, the Middle East, and Mexico are also well-known for their woven goods. Materials like grass, straw, stems, animal hair, thread, and wood are often used in basket weaving.

Similarly, the practice of “straw plaiting” (the method of braiding straw) has been used in many projects around the world, including places like England, Tuscany, and Oceania.  Straw hats, paper-making, doors and table mats, and bags are just a few of these projects.


Head over to your local Farmer’s Market to fill your bag with yummy goodies! (Source: Pinterest)

While we believe in using our ‘Moz Market’ bags for absolutely everything, we think Farmer’s Markets are the most perfect place to showcase your new tote! Fill her up with your favorite fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers from late-Summer and early-Fall at your favorite local markets.

Here are a few Markets in Chicago to visit:

  • Daley Plaza, Thursdays, 7AM-3PM until October 31
  • Federal Plaza, Tuesdays, 7AM-3PM until October 31
  • Willis Tower Plaza, Tuesdays, 7AM-3PM until October 31
  • Division Street, Saturdays, 7AM-1PM until October 26
  • Lincoln Park, Saturdays, 7AM-1PM until October 26
  • Wicker Park & Bucktown, Sundays, 8AM-2PM until October 27
  • Loyola, Mondays, 3PM-7PM until October 14

For more Chicago-based Farmer’s Markets, click here.

The bags are available in a three beautiful colors: Orange, Purple, and Double Purple.
Which color is your favorite?
Isn’t the detail fabulous?

Show us your Farmer’s Market style, and how you wore your ‘Moz Market’ Carry All using #stylewithmaven!


The Moroccan Handbag: For the Girl-on-the-Go!

Our Moroccan handbags are très gorgeous, and so perfect for any girl-on-the-go!

'Oh Sooo Studly' Brown & Black Bowlers
‘Oh Sooo Studly’ Brown & Black Bowlers
'Slouchy Shopper' Black Tote
‘Slouchy Shopper’ Black Tote


These bags (as well as our fold-over clutches!) were designed and produced by Studio Rachid. Rachid, who began practicing the trade at just 16 years old, apprenticed under three different master leather workers before opening his own workshop five years later. Now, he runs two small workshops and a retail space on the outskirts of the Marrakech Medina in Morocco, employing over 12 leather artisans, including pattern makers, tailors, and leather dyers. He has an eye for combining Western design with Moroccan craftsmanship and reads Elle and Marie Claire to come up with new designs.


First of all, the ‘Oh Sooo Studly’ and ‘Slouchy Shopper’ bags are LARGE! The bowlers are 9″ x 15.5″ x 10″ are feature inside compartments. The black tote is 6.5″ x 15″ x 12″ with zipper compartments on the inside. What’s so good about bags that have so much space? Umm, everything!

Here are just a few examples of girls-on-the-go that could greatly benefit from such large, yet so chic, bags!

  • The Yogi: There’s something so boring about typical gym bags, so spice it up a bit and bring the ‘Slouchy Shopper’ with you! It’s large enough to fit a small towel, your water bottle, a snack, your iPod, your yoga mat, and anything else you might need on your way, during, and from your trip to the studio!
The Yogi can fit everything she needs in a 'Slouchy Shopper' Tote! (Photo Source)
The Yogi can fit everything she needs in a ‘Slouchy Shopper’ Tote! (Photo Source)
  • The Business Woman: Our Bowlers & Black Tote are the perfect size for the woman traveling in and out of the city for work! Fit your personal items in the ‘Oh Sooo Studly’ bag, along with your iPad Mini! Then, replace your old canvas tote or dull briefcase with the ‘Slouchy Shopper’! It’s great for folders of paperwork and a small laptop.
This chic business woman would totally benefit from our handbags! (Photo Source)
This chic business woman would totally benefit from our handbags! (Photo Source)
  • The Mom: Let’s face it, moms need big bags! You need a bag for snacks, diapers, crayons, activity books, band-aids, and everything else! Our ‘Slouchy Tote’ is the answer for your endless list of on-the-go necessities. (Don’t forget the sunscreen!)
Mommy Beyonce would look fab with our 'Slouchy Shopper'!
Mommy Beyonce would look fab with our ‘Slouchy Shopper’! (Photo Source)
  • The Student: There is nothing I hated more in school than a book bag. Totes and over-sized purses were always the answer! Load up your Bowler on days with a light class load, and include your small notebooks, journals, calculator, and novels. On your heavy class load days, use your Tote! Your notebooks, light textbooks, MacBook Air, and nalgene water bottle will thank you!
This fashionista would LOVE our Brown Bowler for her school books!
This fashionista would LOVE our Brown Bowler for her school books! (Photo Source)

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How to Rock our Statement Necklaces!

Have we mentioned we absolutely ADORE our brand new statement necklaces??

This season, we have four, ‘Awajun Enkupa‘, ‘Awajun Mini‘, ‘Awajun Woven‘, and ‘Nantu Waterfall,‘ and they are stunning!


Our sustainable seed jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by the Amazon Rainforest Artisans, through the ORG by vio (Organic Rainforest Goods by Violeta & Indigenous Organizations, respectively) cooperative. Keeping keywords, “Boho Chic,” “Green,” and “Ethical” in mind, each piece of jewelry is 100% vegan and organic, featuring unique seeds, plant fibers, and materials that are sustainably harvested in the Amazon, where the artisans live.

Each piece was created to promote Amazon culture and protect the rainforest, while bringing quality eco-fashion overseas. ORG by vio partners with artisans who reach out to us to sell their traditional artistry, and develop designer collections made with rainforest materials as a source for a sustainable economy. The artisans are paid fair trade prices for their work, with at least 50% of profits contributed back into the community, paying for artisanal training, projects, and personal needs. Maven is so honored to be partnering with such an amazingly talented group of women and designers!

ORG by vio
ORG by vio


These necklaces are SO easy to style! Here are a few tips to keep you lookin’ good:

  • Each necklace should be treated as a key accessory – a top layer that should never be covered!
  • Don’t hide the uniqueness – wear with a solid or very, very lightly patterned top or dress.
  • Avoid wearing too many bangles or too big of earrings – keep any other jewelry very simple.
  • Instantly dress up a casual work or party outfit with one of these necklaces!
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! Shorts? Blazer? Khakis? Go for it.
'Nantu Waterfall' Statement Necklace
‘Nantu Waterfall’ Statement Necklace
'Awajun Woven' Statement Necklace
‘Awajun Woven’ Statement Necklace
'Awajun Enkupa' Statement Necklace
‘Awajun Enkupa’ Statement Necklace

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Styling with Rag Rugs!

When I first selected my first batch of rag rugs, I had mediocre expectations. They looked really cool from the pictures but man oh man they are just SO incredible up close and personal!  One of my favorite aspects is that they are created by recycled clothing, basically whatever the artist could get their hand on. The patterns range from diamond, symmetrical, to free form abstracts. These one of a kind pieces are a gem that everyone should have in their household!

One of my dear friends and I always joke about how you need a little ‘color pop’ in your life; from what you wear down, color you paint your nails, to how you style your living room. These beauties definitely add a ‘color pop’ to a room or space!

Make sure to check out Maven’s Rag Rug Collection HERE!










Hope you found something that inspired you!

– Laura

Let’s Escape This Summer!

While Chicago is great, there is nothing I love more than a good vacation where I can spend all my time exploring different cultures and shopping! Doesn’t that sound nice? Lucky for us, there are so many fantastic places to travel to around the world to gain insight on how other people live and spend their time.

Here are 3 cities that will introduce you to a whole new world:


Photo from:

Puerto Vallarta

I’m happy to say I spent 8 days in 2011 exploring the wonderful city of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, Mexico. A gorgeous beach town, this paradise was filled with loads of flea markets and farmer’s markets providing me a firsthand look at the culture. One market is the Rio Cuale Flea Market, which features silver jewelry, leather goods, sandals, pottery, and other handcrafted items. Don’t forget to visit the Malacon while you’re there! And always remember: Barter, barter, barter!


Photo from:


Besides being beautifully scenic, Lima, Peru in South America is a great place for markets. The Pisac Market is their most popular, featuring artisan-made musical instruments, beautiful rugs, handbags, and masks, to name a few. Traveling within the town is fairly inexpensive, it’s been said you can get by with just $15 in your pocket in a day, and hostels and hotels are cheap, too!


Photo From:
Photo From:

Santa Fe

Home to many Native American artisans, Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States is perfect for anyone who wants to travel without leaving the country! You’ll find jewelry, home decor, and folk art with strong Southwestern influence, as well as Mexican imports, like woven rugs, pottery, and glassware. If you’re traveling in July and August, be sure to catch Santa Fe’s Spanish Market and Indian Market for even more variety!



Crafty Calendar + T R A G E D Y.

Hello, friends. Annie here.

It is with a heavy heart that I post my latest crafty creation…this sweet, little fruits & veggie wall calendar that was destined for my darling best friends in Kansas City has lost its way. Oh, the tragedy of displaced crafts. Hayley and Kyrstin – please enjoy your intended Christmas gift via the interwebs. (yes, I do realize I was a tad behind on sending out my holiday gifts, so what.)

So it is with a snowday and afternoon glass of wine that I am finally able to write about my craft-baby that met its unfortunate demise. Since my gal pals are excellent cooks and avid locavores, I decided making them a hand-drawn/painted seasonal produce wall calendar was a fitting holiday gift.

Even if you have never really drawn or painted in the past, this is actually quite simple and requires much less artistic ability than you may assume (after all, I was able to manage it).

so. here’s how you make a V E G G I E   C A L E N D A R  (or any theme you choose, for that matter) : :

july's offerings.
july’s offerings.

step one : : do your research.

for this I simply googled produce availability by month. I came up with a list for each month (3-4 items each) and searched for simple drawings/images of each to aid in my sketching efforts.

drawing (or attempting). the eraser was my best friend.
step two : : draw out your fruits and veggies. i also labeled them (in case my illustrations didn’t quite spell out the difference between a tangerine and clementine…) –  next simply outline your sketches with fine-point sharpie.


step three : : erase your pencil marks. your months are now ready for color!
step three : : erase your pencil marks. your months are now ready for color!

watercolor away! this is very manageable painting medium for beginners. you can start with only primary colors and use those mixing skills you learned in elementary art!
step four : :  watercolor away! this is very manageable painting medium for beginners. you can start with only primary colors and use those mixing skills you learned in elementary art. (tea and wine optional, but recommended for optimal crafting).

step five : : ready for binding!
step five : : ready for binding! (notice that I also made a cover page and letter)


step six : : use hole puncher and twine to bind calendar pages - I used a loop around the actual pages so the calendar can be flipped with the changing months.
step six : : use hole puncher and twine to bind calendar pages – I used a loop around just the actual pages so the calendar can be flipped with the changing months.