Bluma Project – Jewelry from Rwanda and Ghana

I am constantly looking for new artisan made products and pieces crafted from around the world.  I came across Bluma Project at Anthropologie about a year ago and their product line fits right in. They work with female artisans in Rwanda and Ghana to create jewelry and textile collections.  After their products are complete they sell them to retailers in the Western Markets. By collaborating with these artisans they hope to provide employment opportunities where there is very little. Make sure to check out their SITE. I attached a few of my favorite pieces:)

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!








New Year’s Eve Sparkle

Diamond ring
Diamond Ring by The Andover Village
Gold Crystal Studded Collar Necklace
Gold Crystal Studded Collar Necklace by Breeze From the West
18k Rose Gold Sparkle Stud Earrings
18k Rose Gold Sparkle Stud Earrings by Project Dahlia
New Year Special Glamorous mini dress. Pink sequin dress.
Pink Sequin Dress by Blush Fashion
The Windward -  Glitter & Leather - Fold Over Clutch - Black Glitter and Bronze Leather.
Glitter and Leather Fold Over Clutch by 39 North Designs

Holiday Clutches

With all of the holiday events and parties we have coming up, we have been on a search for the perfect clutch to go with any outfit.  We came across a site called Novica.  Novica is in association with National Geographic and has a site where artisans from around the world are selling their products.  We love how the site gives you all of the information behind each product and even includes an informational card with each purchase.  Check out some unique, handmade clutches that would be perfect for a holiday lunch or a fancy party!

Made by Nupur located in India 

Made by Napan located in Bali 

Made by Shalini Saluja located in India
Made by Louis Carlos and Gloria located in Central America
Made by Laura del Carmen Conreras located in Central America

Maven Collection Blog is FINALLY Launching!

This blog will be a culmination of our journey launching our own handmade collection, finding pieces and work that inspires us, artists from around the globe, our travels, indigenous craft, organizations to get involved with, interesting people/stories, fashion trends, design, sustainable living, and our lives here in Chicago!

Join us on our journey to create a socially conscious lifestyle through the products we purchase, artisans we support and  collection we create!