You’ve seen reproductions of Beni Ourains’ in current decor stores and in design magazines – but there is nothing like the real deal. Hand woven in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco by the Beni Ourain tribe, with pile of off-white and black natural wool. They are typically woven with simple harlequin patterns and tribal graphics.  They style will in both Contemporary, Modern or Mid-Century style spaces.  We are true believers they are a staple piece for every home!

We just got a new collection of Beni Ourains in and thought we would share how to style with these one-of-a-kind beauties!

211c430604e78ab63d1ef3c1e09457bdecb53dab-6f60-4584-87a7-3cddcb6bff4a‘CROSS ROADS’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG – 6ft by 13ft

  c961c3284dd2b4ab7f16fd6acacb044d-16426f486-841d-4e58-b183-320b88132f8d‘BIG BENI’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG – 6ft by 14.5ft

3de9d315dc587646f76346f59acf07aac1db8862-a87b-4bff-9be4-6f368e7821ba‘SAWYER’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG — 5.2ft by 9.2ft


PARK COLLECTIVE — azilal rug

On a recent shopping trip through the souks of Marrakesh, we found this incredible Azilal Rug! After posting a picture of it on Instagram, Designer Jolene Kraus knew she needed to have it! Check out how she styled her living room around this rug, it’s incredibly beautiful!

Rug in the souk
Azilal Rug in Marrakesh
styled in her room!
Check out this room!  I absolutely love how she placed our azilal rug on an over sized jute rug. The little pops of pale pink plays so nicely with the neon orange.



I’m headed to Peru next week on a buying trip.  Last time I visited, I was able to shop the markets and found some amazing hand-woven rugs.  They are 100% wool and made on back-strap looms, simply gorgeous.  The vibrant stripes add the perfect amount of color to any room!  Can’t wait to see what new pieces I can find this time round!


I have seen this layering look a lot and LOVE IT!  (Apt: Design Love Fest  || designer: Emily Henderson ))
I have seen this layering look a lot and LOVE IT! What a great way to add texture and color into a room.                                                  (Apt: Design Love Fest || designer: Emily Henderson )
Layering look again, LOVE IT! such a a great (and inexpensive) way to add an area rug to a room. Mix & Match!
White & Stripes!
Apparently, rugs in kitchens is becoming a thing… Not sure how I feel about that, but I think in this simple kitchen, it definitely adds something!
To be used as a bed covering! How gorgeous is this!
Then of course, you can always style these gorgeous wool rugs with a basic couch to make your living room look FAB!

Can’t wait to share what I find!