Bluma Project – Jewelry from Rwanda and Ghana

I am constantly looking for new artisan made products and pieces crafted from around the world.  I came across Bluma Project at Anthropologie about a year ago and their product line fits right in. They work with female artisans in Rwanda and Ghana to create jewelry and textile collections.  After their products are complete they sell them to retailers in the Western Markets. By collaborating with these artisans they hope to provide employment opportunities where there is very little. Make sure to check out their SITE. I attached a few of my favorite pieces:)

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!







Comfy, Cozy

A warm blanket or throw is a great gift to give a loved one during the holiday season. Check out some of our favorite blankets to get wrapped up in this winter!

Handmade chunky throw blanket
Handmade chunky throw blanket by EandAHeritage
The Pendleton Tribute Series pays homage to the American mills that pioneered the weaving of Indian trade blankets.
Open-weave throw by Anthropologie
Organic, merino sheep wool blanket by River Farm

Cozy Cotton Blanket
100% organic cotton blanket by Coyuchi. These blankets come in certified-sustainable pine, cedar and birch wood boxes.

A Blanket with a Story

We stumbled across an amazing hand-loomed blanket company with a great story behind it.  The company is called Swans Island and it is located in Maine.  Their mission is to create objects of beauty and utility in authentic and earth friendly ways.  We love that Swans Island is still honoring the tradition and craft while creating a more sustainable future.  Not only do we love their mission but their blankets are amazing!  Check out all of their blankets from baby blankets to limited edition winter blankets and they even come in the most adorable linen box or bag!

Brown with dark brown stripes blanket
White with grey stripes blanket
Brown with orange stripes blanket
Grey with yellow stripes throw