Rug Sale

We shopped the souks and curated a beautiful collections of one-of-a-kind rugs to shop from this month.  We are offering 30% off the entire rug collection, so it’s time to get busy shopping!  Here is a sneak peek of a few of our favorites!


AZ2_200x360CM_$600 AZ4_140x280CM_$400 AZ8_120x250_$300 BeniM5_160x250CM BeniM4_180x280CM BeniM1_180x290CM MAR3_200x270CM MAR4_190x380

Offer ends 2/8/16 – Use code ‘SOUK30’ at checkout!

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A sneak peek at our latest fall rugs! Happy Shoppin!

‘BLUE MY MIND’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $680.00 // Width: 5 ft Length: 10ft
‘BIG BENI’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,800.00 // Width: 6ft Length: 14.5 ft
‘BLACK AND TAN’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $610.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.75ft
‘NEON AZTEC’ AZILAL WOOL RUG $840.00 // Width: 4.5 ft Length: 8.5
‘DESERT SKY’ VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $580.00 // Width: 3.7 ft Length: 7.5 ft
‘SAWYER’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $2,100.00 // Width: 5.2 ft Length: 9.2 ft
‘BLEU DE FRANCE’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $630.00 // Width: 5ft 4” Length: 9ft”
‘COSMOPOLITAN’ BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUG $440.00 // Width: 3.4ft Length: 6ft
‘CROSS ROADS’ VINTAGE BENI OURAIN RUG $3,600.00 // Width: 6 ft Length: 13 ft

SALVAGE ONE SHOOT || styling with maven

A few weeks back, we did a photo shoot at a local event space, Salvage One. It is an old industrial loft (3 levels!) with vintage furniture scattered throughout.  Oh my goodness, we were in heaven!  Had to share a few of our favorite shots of our products staged within.


Featuring our Moroccan Kilim rug. Looks beautiful with a mid-century leather couch.
The details in the rug are simply stunning.
Wedding blankets can make the most beautiful rugs.
With simple furniture pieces like these, you can really spruce up a space with a colorful rug. It helps add warmth and texture to the space.
Kilim pillows… They are just perfection where ever you place them!
Try layering a chair (or couch) with a pom-pom blanket. These XL pom-poms help add a new dimension to a simple formed piece of furniture.
Loving everything that is happening in the picture. The vintage sign is incredible and so is the chair! Our kilim pillow just adds a nice color pop.
Truly, rag rugs can be used in any space. Obsessed with this look.
Boucherouite rag rugs layered on a bar. Gotta have some fun while staging.
If you are looking for a more luxury/classic rug for a space, try working with a Beni Ourain! They are full of texture but are neutral enough to fit into any space.
Floor pillows are the most fun to decorate with! You can add them just about anywhere and they add additional seating for gatherings and parties. (Or they are a perfect ‘grow up’ pillow that children love to lay on, while keeping your space classy)
This glass window was insane! Just loooove this shot.
Stackables || Floor Pillows
This bar was was beyond incredible, I had to stage our most luxurious rugs next to it. Aren’t they beautiful?!
You can’t go wrong with pom-pom blankets!!! They look phenomenal where ever you place them.

PHOTOS BY:   Theresa Yabut

EVENT SPACE:  Salvage One, Chicago IL

PRODUCTS:  Maven Collection

Styling with Azilal Rugs || Moroccan Souk Finds

We just started selling Azilal Rugs from the Moroccan Souks and I have become obsessed with these beauties! They are made by tribes of the Azilal province in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They range from diamond, symmetrical patterns to free form abstracts and are all one of a kind pieces! Most vintage pieces date from the 1960s-1980s.  They are made out of single tied wool with natural dye. I think they add the perfect touch to any room! Have a look below:)

Area rug in a living room!
A lovely seating area.I love how random the lines and color splashes are.
Adding color and texture to an all white kitchen.
Perfect for an at home office!
Well, this Azilal rug is just GORGEOUS to begin with. It would look fabulous anywhere but I like it on their cement flooring.



Styling with Rag Rugs!

When I first selected my first batch of rag rugs, I had mediocre expectations. They looked really cool from the pictures but man oh man they are just SO incredible up close and personal!  One of my favorite aspects is that they are created by recycled clothing, basically whatever the artist could get their hand on. The patterns range from diamond, symmetrical, to free form abstracts. These one of a kind pieces are a gem that everyone should have in their household!

One of my dear friends and I always joke about how you need a little ‘color pop’ in your life; from what you wear down, color you paint your nails, to how you style your living room. These beauties definitely add a ‘color pop’ to a room or space!

Make sure to check out Maven’s Rag Rug Collection HERE!










Hope you found something that inspired you!

– Laura

Pretty Mommy

We stumbled across a website called Pretty Mommy and we were instantly intrigued with what we saw.  Michelle, who has always loved fashion and was once a buyer for small boutiques is now a mom and has put together a website (Pretty Mommy) to offer beautiful artisan made products!  Check out some of our favorite products from Pretty Mommy.

Artisan Project Stripe Handwoven Throw - Blue/White
Artisan Project Stripe Handwoven Throw- Blue/White
A Peace Treaty Dasin Scarf - Ecru
A Peace Treaty Dasin Scarf – Ecru
Moroccan Handira Wedding Blanket Rug 2#1  7 x 5
Moroccan Handira Wedding Blanket Rug
Dream Collective Ostrich Egg Necklace
Dream Collective Ostrich Egg Necklace
John Robshaw Han Blue Euro
John Robshaw Han Blue Euro
Laura Lombardi Remigial Necklace
Laura Lombardi Remigial Necklace
Dream Collective Plains and Lakes ID Bracelet - Tan
Dream Collective Plains and Lakes ID Bracelet – Tan
Boucherouite Rug 3#4 - 6.5 x 2.5
Boucherouite Rug
Lemlem Adamu Gauze Scarf
Lemlem Adamu Gauze Scarf
Clare Vivier Petite Messenger Sac
Clare Vivier Petite Messenger Sac