Day-to-Night with Maven

Why change your clothes when you can simply change your accessories?

Here’s how to wear the same dress from day to night:


Not sure what to wear to your morning brunch with the girls? Dress up an easy black dress with a fitted leather jacket, a pair of cute boots, a scarf, and a neutral clutch!
Shown: ‘Evening Out’ Black Stole / ‘Seaweed’ Leather Foldover Clutch / Kilim Boots (Coming soon!)


Heading downtown to meet your beau? Switch into some comfy, yet fab, flats! Don’t forget your carryall, too!
The ‘Oh Sooo Studly’ Black Bowler is fantastic for a day out – store your iPad Mini, iPhone, wallet, water bottle, a book, and anything else you might need while you’re commuting!


Dinner time, already? Dress up your outfit by wearing a stole as a shrug over your dress! We love the bold ‘Music in the Park’ Brown Stole!
The ‘Little Olive’ Leather Foldover Clutch is not only gorgeous, but the perfect size for your phone, a small wallet, and some lipstick!
Our leather ‘Tiny Spotted Leopard’ Flats are so comfortable and versatile! Such a great statement piece for your night out.

Show us how you transition from day to night #stylingwithmaven!


5 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Let’s face it: Everybody LOVES scarves, but not everybody knows how to wear them! In fact, I myself struggle on coming up with ways to tie them that are different than the obvious. Instead of wearing your scarves the same way everyday, here are 5 ways for you to change up your look… One for every workday of the week!

The “Muffler II” – Wrap your scarf this way for extra neck coverage!
“Loose Wrap” – A fabulously easy way to wrap a large scarf or stole.
The “Slip Knot” – Probably the easiest, and most popular, of the scarf ties!
The “Shrug” – Wearing a sleeveless dress? Try this style to add some flair to your outfit, or to keep you warm on a chilly night!
“Scarf Belt” – Replace a belt by tying a scarf around your waist (or hips). Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and solids depending on what you’re wearing!

We’d love to see how you wear your Maven scarves! Show us #stylewithmaven!


Meet our Scarf Maven: Florence Bourgade

As we launched Maven Collection this season, our goal was to keep indigenous craft alive while bringing our customers unique pieces they won’t be able to find elsewhere. One of our first partnerships was with Florence Bourgade, a French graphic designer who left the world of paper behind to design gorgeous scarves that she could share with the world. Handmade in India, each of these gorgeous silk (and silk/cotton) scarves are one-of-a-kind, so you will be the only person to own that particular scarf! We are Florence’s first United States partnership, and could not be more excited to support such a fabulous designer!
We interviewed Florence to learn a little more about where she comes from as a designer, and to get a deeper look into her inspirations, passions, and design techniques.
Maven Collection: Where do you get your inspiration?
Florence Bourgade: I gain inspiration while traveling abroad, in the Guimet Museum in Paris, and surfing the internet. Most of the patterns already exist somewhere in the world, I just try to give my own interpretation of them. Sometimes I just work on a very old idea I had years ago, sometimes I meet artisans and decide to create designs specifically for them. I always consider which techniques I will use before I begin my design – my approach is different if I decide to work with block print, weaving or print screen. Everything starts for me with artisan! It’s all about the people and what we can do together!

We see that you were a graphic designer. When did you realize you wanted to make the switch into the fashion world?
Yes, I worked as a graphic designer for years in ad agencies and as a freelance designer in Madrid, but the last few years [because of the Spanish crisis], the labor conditions became precarious in that sector. I was tired of working on the same projects! In the meantime, I was spending all of my free time working on textile patterns, looking for beautiful fabrics, or making clothes. I was obsessed with fabrics and patterns, I wanted to make something useful for me and for the others, but did not know what exactly…until a friend in India asked me and my husband, David Sanz Frias, why we haven’t opened our own business. I suppose this simple question made us think about launching our own business! As for me designing scarves, patterns, or graphics, they are not so different…It’s a very similar job.

How long have you been designing scarves?
We launched our brand a little more than one year ago.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Be curious of arts and people, and be self confident. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and for what you need to know to launch your idea. Go for your dream without fear and do not change what is most important to you.


#stylingwithmaven — WEEK 1

We could not be more excited about how our first week went! Oh my goodness, such a huge thanks to all our family, friends, and fans! A very sincere THANK YOU!

Every Friday we are going to be sharing how our customers #stylewithmaven!

This week we are featuring Jessica from Saint Charles, IL! See how she is wearing MAVEN scarves at work!  Looking fabulous, Jessica!

Jessica is sporting our 'That's a Wrap' Moroccan Scarf and love her in it!!!
Jessica is sporting our ‘That’s a Wrap’ Moroccan Scarf and we love her in it!!!
Looking ever so fabulous in our ‘PUSHKAR SAND’ Silk Scarf! Handmade in India!



A Peace Treaty

Brought together by their love for high fashion and the awareness of disappearing indigenous design, Farah Malik and Dana Arbib conceptualized a company that brought income to regions of sociopolitical strife. A Peace Treaty was born in 2008.

An evolving collection of luxury fashion, A Peace Treaty is known for their artisan-level accessories. Each season, jewelry and scarf collections are re-defined using unique colorways, ancient handmade textiles, and metal-smithing techniques that otherwise would not be used. Looking to support artisans’ technique and craft while promoting luxury design for a worldwide audience, these pieces are ethically-produced, providing above fair trade wages and income generation opportunities for disabled, widowed, and/or marginalized women.

A Peace Treaty creates employment for local village artisans in nine different countries – Pakistan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and the United States.

Villa Bambola I collection
Villa Bambola I collection
Villa Bambola II collection
Locals Only collection
Locals Only collection

Pretty Mommy

We stumbled across a website called Pretty Mommy and we were instantly intrigued with what we saw.  Michelle, who has always loved fashion and was once a buyer for small boutiques is now a mom and has put together a website (Pretty Mommy) to offer beautiful artisan made products!  Check out some of our favorite products from Pretty Mommy.

Artisan Project Stripe Handwoven Throw - Blue/White
Artisan Project Stripe Handwoven Throw- Blue/White
A Peace Treaty Dasin Scarf - Ecru
A Peace Treaty Dasin Scarf – Ecru
Moroccan Handira Wedding Blanket Rug 2#1  7 x 5
Moroccan Handira Wedding Blanket Rug
Dream Collective Ostrich Egg Necklace
Dream Collective Ostrich Egg Necklace
John Robshaw Han Blue Euro
John Robshaw Han Blue Euro
Laura Lombardi Remigial Necklace
Laura Lombardi Remigial Necklace
Dream Collective Plains and Lakes ID Bracelet - Tan
Dream Collective Plains and Lakes ID Bracelet – Tan
Boucherouite Rug 3#4 - 6.5 x 2.5
Boucherouite Rug
Lemlem Adamu Gauze Scarf
Lemlem Adamu Gauze Scarf
Clare Vivier Petite Messenger Sac
Clare Vivier Petite Messenger Sac